About Recycling First

Recycling First was established by ELVON which was the local council for voluntary service. In 1994 a need was identified in response to requests for support from the general public.

This led to a pilot project being set up for one year with the aims being:

  • To assist individual families throughout East Lothian who are in receipt of benefits to access necessary household furniture; and
  • To collect good quality second hand furniture to distribute to disadvantaged families.

The project was then evaluated in January 1995 with the recommendation being to identify and secure funding to take the project forward.

Over the years we have received funding from various sources and for the past several years East Lothian Council has been and continues to be our main funder, boosted by income from surplus sales through the warehouse generously donated by East Lothian residents.

The project employs a Project Manager and a Driver, who are backed up by a great team of volunteers without which the Project could not function.